Dreaming Death

It was in the midst of may
she was taken to the hospital
to give birth to a nasty fellow.
she cried with pain but
her mind glowed with joy!!
in the midnight he who has to be born was born
he never uttered a cry nor a smile!!
he was wondering oh!! lord where am i??
he grew so cool as a son
knowing all the joy and happiness of his mum!!
he was 10 then.
changes were seen in him!!!
he never talked to any one then!!
years went past again,
he was 15 then
he has changed a lot....
he was no more a child.....
he wanted to be as free as a bird
in the next year he realised
iam a waste fellow no one cares him nor loves him
his only friend was a computer
he began to make the world his own!!
but poor boy, he didn't realise that
his time has come to go to go to the hell or heaven
he stood in agony what to do??
shall i live or say bye to this nasty earth??
he thought, why should i live oh!!
his mothers' lovely face came to his mind
if i dies,, what will be my lovely moms'condition??
he was in the midst of confusion
. but!!!!!!! he thought i have to go......
but his mothers' memory again stopt him
then he realised,
it was the mothers' love which made him live
which made him in such a way and
so still he is in a delirium..

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